Minimally invasive medical video

Baron & Company specializes in live audio visual presentation of medical procedures in order to extend the knowledge of expert physicians to a remote audience. We deliver the experience of being in the operating room…from anywhere in the world. We create a collaborative learning experience to bring knowledge and expertise together for the good of the patient. We have developed techniques to capture and display diagnostic imagery directly from the source in order to provide the greatest visual fidelity to the audience. We go to great lengths to maintain the least disruptive presence to the patient care environment and to hospital staff. Our robotic camera systems eliminate our presence in the operating theater, reduce risk to to the patient and disruption to staff. We can operate in any medical facility and have deployed our systems in more than a dozen hospitals in five different countries. Our track record of reliability and superior content delivery is unsurpassed in the industry.

On-site presentations

The operating theater is a fantastic place for hands-on learning and individual proctoring, but when you need to teach large groups you need another solution that allows the audience access. We can bring the experience of being in the operating room to a classroom or conference center at your facility. Our expertise with diagnostic interfacing and robotic camera systems provides viewers with nearly the same experience as standing across form the operator, without the hazards of radiation or crowding the operating space. We can transmit our A/V signals across existing hospital networks, eliminating the need for specialized wiring installations. We are able to integrate with existing A/V presentation hardware or provide turn-key solutions as needed.

HD Teleconferencing

Teleconferencing has long been an economical way of bringing groups together across great distances. We can provide hardware or software-based solutions to provide near real-time teleconferencing between groups and individuals. We are able to combine the expertise of capturing the video content as well as the management of the entire transmission and receive process across multiple sites, simultaneously.

HD Webcasting

Travel logistics can make it difficult to bring everyone to an event. Webcasting is a stable, economical way to transmit HD video to a remote audience. Our team has produced many webcasts from hospitals across North America and Europe. Our custom interface allows viewers to watch a private webcast and collaborate with one another and the on-site audience via live chat technology throughout the broadcast. This technology allows Q&A as well as input from experts not able to attend the live meeting.

Satellite Broadcasts

When the highest quality video and zero-delay communication are needed, satellite transmission is often the only viable option. Our team has provided transmission services to medical conferences around the globe. We understand the nuance of coordinating transmission and reception sites and are adept at managing site integration at any medical facility.

Relationship Management

Any event requires diverse groups to cooperate and collaborate. Hospital management, clinical staff, and IT teams are often in conflict when resources and timelines are tight. Our skill at speaking everyone's language and managing needs and expectations has contributed to the ultimate success of events that would have otherwise been failures. We believe that medical experts should be free to practice medicine and not have to manage event logistics.

Our clients have included:

Bridgepoint Medical

– Minneapolis, MN –

Boston Scientific

– Marlborough, MA –


– Vancouver, WA –

Piedmont Hospital

– Atlanta, GA –

St. Michael's Hospital

– Toronto, ON –

CTO Fundamentals

– United States –

Millbrook Medical Conferences

– United Kingdom –

Asahi Intecc

– Japan –

Biosensors International

– International –


– Orlando, FL –

Scottsdale Interventional Forum

– Scottsdale, AZ –

Banner Health

– Phoenix, AZ –

Abbott Vascular

– Santa Clara, CA –

University of Washington Medical Center

– Seattle, WA –

CRF - Cardiovasular Research Foundation

– New York, NY –

Places we've worked

Peacehealth St. Joseph Medical Center

– Bellingham, WA –

Peacehealth Sacred Heart Medical Center

– Eugene, OR –

Piedmont Hospital

– Atlanta, GA –

Torrance Memorial Medical Center

– Torrance, CA –

Memorial Medical Center

– Springfield, IL –

St. John's Medical Center

– Springfield, IL –

St. Luke's Hospital

– Kansas City, MO –

Presbyterian Hospital

– Albuquerque, NM –

York Wellspan Hospital

– York, PA –

Medical City

– Dallas, TX –

Banner Good Samaritan Hospital

– Phoenix, AZ –

Abbott Northwestern Hospital

– Minneapolis, MN –

St. Michael's Hospital

– Toronto, ON –

Belfast City Hospital

– Belfast, UK –

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

– Edinburgh, UK –

Kings College Hospital

– London, UK –

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

– Belfast, UK –

University of Washington Medical Center

– Seattle, WA –

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